Fashion Photography is a Platform to Market New Products

Tweet One of the most popular aesthetical professional practices is photography. While photography can basically be of several types, one of the forms that has gained tremendous popularity over the years is fashion photography. It is one form of photographic art that has a long and rich history. It has made its contributions in deciding […]

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Photography and the Art of Discipline

During this interview I surprised myself, realizing what I could have witnessed firsthand during my years in photography world. This decade has seen a great evolution in how we create photographs, most notably film vs. digital. Photographers state they are “going back to film” while others sing the praises of digital and what can be done in post production. At times I feel like I am straddling the 38th parallel in this debate because I am, and always will be, a double agent.

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Understanding Professional Modeling and Getting Started.

Tweet Fashion models in the past had to be about 5′ 9″ and a certain dress size. Men were always 6 foot and a 40 regular. And of course you had to be beautiful. The reason for the standard height and size was that fashion designers made dress and suit samples in one size and […]

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