Celebrity Portraits: a Few Tips

Tweet Here are some tips and tricks you can use every day for photographing fashion, beauty and celebrity portraits. Because society views celebrities and supermodels as larger than life subjects, I try and fulfill the viewers ‘perception’ by using a few simple formulas. First, when creating a dynamic portrait I use a long lens. This […]

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Celebrity Photography and Working Under Pressure

[caption id="attachment_141" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="American Idol Judges photographed for the cover of TV GUIDE"]American Idol[/caption]

You not only have to be good at what you do, you have to be consistent and work well under pressure. I try to set an easy and relaxed atmosphere for my clients, the celebrities and their publicist.

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A portrait that led to the Dr. Phil show.

Tweet As you might have read in a previous article, I photographed Dr. Phil for the cover of Newsweek. Since that first cover shoot I have also photographed both Dr. Phil and his wife Robin for several other magazine and book covers. The experience is always one of joy and fulfillment with truly wonderful people. […]

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Flexibility in Celebrity Photography

Tweet Angela Bassett Photographed for Detour Magazine by Jerry Avenaim Celebrity photographers have only a fraction of the time movie directors get to capture the mood or look they’re after. It is the task of the celebrity photographer to artfully bring out the vulnerability and humanity of the stars they are photographing. The tools of […]

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Headshots and how to prepare.

Tweet Indeed all headshot photographers are different, so I wanted to share what works best in my experience as a celebrity photographer. When hair and make up is provided you should always arrive with a clean face and your hair ready to be styled, no gels, sprays etc. just clean and ready. It is also […]

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Do you have a photography question?

Posted by Jerry Avenaim under Your Questions (8 Responds)

Tweet If you have a photography, lighting or even business related question or suggestion for an article, please post it here, and I will either give you the the answer as best as I can. Or, I’ll put it in the queue for an article 🙂 Jerry Avenaim

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