To Retouch or Not to Retouch

“But how I shoot, my lighting, my choice of camera and lens, that’s all my decision. Blame me if you think I should have retouched and retouched and retouched, but I think these women look beautiful just the way they are.”

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Ad Agency Guide To Photography Usage Terms

Posted by Jerry Avenaim under Photography Talk and Discussion (3 Responds)

With the current US copyright laws as they are applied now, artists own all rights to their created images and sell/transfer rights to agencies and their clients. All questionable negotiations have historically defaulted in favor of the artist. Technically, even minor modification of the art requires the artists’ permission. You are RENTING, not buying an image unless explicitly stated on the contract.

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Fashion Photography Workshop on Life in the Fab Lane

Tweet Celebrity fashion photographer Jerry Avenaim gives Kimora Lee Simmons a crash course in high-end advertising fashion photography so she can shoot her men’s fall campaign Phat Premium. So, will she sink or swim? Fashion is one of the most critiqued form of genres in photography, advertising is one of the most financially funded types […]

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Fashion Photographer on Germany’s Next Top Model

Tweet What a great summer it has been. I wish I could have been more proactive in my writing but that has been quite the challenge with all the assignments and television shows I’ve been doing this year. I will do my best to follow this up with all the goings on since my last […]

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Getting Noticed in Fashion Photography

Tweet Fashion photographers have a hard time getting noticed these days. There’s just too damn many out there, even for seasoned veterans it’s a cut throat era. I was asked a question this morning by a young photographer, and since I have not had the time to do any writing (more about why in my […]

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Glamour Lighting on Location

Tweet Fashion photography is a tough game, as is advertising photography. Combine the two and it can prove to be a stress load if you’re not prepared for anything that can present itself. Then again, I feel that way about all my assignments. I apologize to my readers for not having a chance to write […]

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Celebrity Photography and Working Under Pressure

[caption id="attachment_141" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="American Idol Judges photographed for the cover of TV GUIDE"]American Idol[/caption]

You not only have to be good at what you do, you have to be consistent and work well under pressure. I try to set an easy and relaxed atmosphere for my clients, the celebrities and their publicist.

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A portrait that led to the Dr. Phil show.

Tweet As you might have read in a previous article, I photographed Dr. Phil for the cover of Newsweek. Since that first cover shoot I have also photographed both Dr. Phil and his wife Robin for several other magazine and book covers. The experience is always one of joy and fulfillment with truly wonderful people. […]

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Do you have a photography question?

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Tweet If you have a photography, lighting or even business related question or suggestion for an article, please post it here, and I will either give you the the answer as best as I can. Or, I’ll put it in the queue for an article 🙂 Jerry Avenaim

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