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10 Must Read Copyright Articles for Photographers

Posted by Jerry Avenaim under Photography Talk and Discussion (3 Responds)

Sometimes the fastest way to illumination is to look back to see what you may have missed on your journey. In that light for your holiday weekend reading I thought I’d repost links to my most popular articles on Copyright.

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Fellowship in Photography

Tweet Earlier this year, I was giving a lecture and conducting a live cover photo shoot at Samy’s Camera here in Los Angeles for photographers of all levels. I began the lecture with a statement that was so simple, so earnest, you would expect to hear it from your own mother.  I asked each attendee […]

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Photo Plus Expo Wrap Up

Tweet The BuzzThe big buzz was about digital video on DSLRs, and editing that video. I saw a number of vendors selling different mounts and stedicam-like brackets for getting smooth hand-held HD video from DSLRs, and everybody was talking video (which is weird for a photo tradeshow). Lightroom 3 was getting some buzz, but since […]

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Photography and Video

Tweet Polaroid announced at a press conference in Hong Kong earlier this week that it will relaunch its instant cameras and film, with distribution expected in mid 2010. The announcement came largely in response to The Impossible Project, a group of Polaroid enthusiasts in the Netherlands that has been trying to recreate the magic of […]

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Fashion Photographer on Germany’s Next Top Model

Tweet What a great summer it has been. I wish I could have been more proactive in my writing but that has been quite the challenge with all the assignments and television shows I’ve been doing this year. I will do my best to follow this up with all the goings on since my last […]

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Getting Noticed in Fashion Photography

Tweet Fashion photographers have a hard time getting noticed these days. There’s just too damn many out there, even for seasoned veterans it’s a cut throat era. I was asked a question this morning by a young photographer, and since I have not had the time to do any writing (more about why in my […]

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Fine Art Nude Photography: Let’s Get Naked

Tweet Jerry has devoted over ten years to a personal project titled “Naked Truth,” which showcases the human form in the organic environment of our natural landscape. This beautiful collection of images is shot wholly on film, with nothing retouched, and is slated for completion this year. If you want to be like Jerry, perhaps […]

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Celebrity Portraits: a Few Tips

Tweet Here are some tips and tricks you can use every day for photographing fashion, beauty and celebrity portraits. Because society views celebrities and supermodels as larger than life subjects, I try and fulfill the viewers ‘perception’ by using a few simple formulas. First, when creating a dynamic portrait I use a long lens. This […]

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My Voyage of Self Discovery

Tweet As a fashion photographer, one of the hardest things any photographer will ever have to do is to find his or her own style. In my earlier works I was very influenced by the people I worked for. Patrick Demarchelier for one – I found Peter Lindberg and Richard Avedon had influenced me the […]

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Jerry Avenaim Television Interview with Tom Sparks

Tweet I hope you enjoy this 30 minute interview, it went by quickly for us both. There was so much more to talk about 🙂 And by the way, since this interview was televised live the control booth made an error when showing my name as ‘James Avenaim’ for the first third of the show. […]

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