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My top 5 Photography Articles of 2009

Tweet As we approach a new year and a new decade, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a joyous, healthy and very prosperous future. I look forward to sharing many photography tips, tricks and observations in the new year. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite articles from 2009. 1.) […]

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Fashion Photography Workshop on Life in the Fab Lane

Tweet Celebrity fashion photographer Jerry Avenaim gives Kimora Lee Simmons a crash course in high-end advertising fashion photography so she can shoot her men’s fall campaign Phat Premium. So, will she sink or swim? Fashion is one of the most critiqued form of genres in photography, advertising is one of the most financially funded types […]

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Photography and Video

Tweet Polaroid announced at a press conference in Hong Kong earlier this week that it will relaunch its instant cameras and film, with distribution expected in mid 2010. The announcement came largely in response to The Impossible Project, a group of Polaroid enthusiasts in the Netherlands that has been trying to recreate the magic of […]

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Fashion Photographer on Germany’s Next Top Model

Tweet What a great summer it has been. I wish I could have been more proactive in my writing but that has been quite the challenge with all the assignments and television shows I’ve been doing this year. I will do my best to follow this up with all the goings on since my last […]

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Jerry Avenaim Television Interview with Tom Sparks

Tweet I hope you enjoy this 30 minute interview, it went by quickly for us both. There was so much more to talk about 🙂 And by the way, since this interview was televised live the control booth made an error when showing my name as ‘James Avenaim’ for the first third of the show. […]

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Glamour Lighting on Location

Tweet Fashion photography is a tough game, as is advertising photography. Combine the two and it can prove to be a stress load if you’re not prepared for anything that can present itself. Then again, I feel that way about all my assignments. I apologize to my readers for not having a chance to write […]

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A portrait that led to the Dr. Phil show.

Tweet As you might have read in a previous article, I photographed Dr. Phil for the cover of Newsweek. Since that first cover shoot I have also photographed both Dr. Phil and his wife Robin for several other magazine and book covers. The experience is always one of joy and fulfillment with truly wonderful people. […]

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