Fashion Photography, the Bridge Between Fashion World and Commoners

Posted by Avenaim on February 11, 2013 – 11:12 am

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Photographers from all across the globe are immensely crazy about the world of fashion photography and with its gloss and luster; it is hard for any commoner to not get curious about it. Today all developed and most of the developing countries hold their respective national fashion titles. In addition to that Fashion weeks have become more common a term in human dictionary in the recent past. The main components through which common individuals are connected to the fashion world are these glossy magazines, billboards and mall magazines.  Though this side of photography appears quite easy from a distance, in the truest sense it takes a lot of competence, skill and concentration to be accomplished.

Why Fashion Photography

It doesn’t require a Wise-man to figure out that the basic purpose of fashion photography is to present fashion in the right manner. It is through these snaps that the statements and trends would get across to the potential buyers and that job is to be done perfectly. There are several colleges and institutions that impart the right training programs required to educate enthusiasts on this branch of photography. Rigorous training is the only way to become a pro in fashion photography. Beneath those sleek and glamorous images, there always is the hard work and classy imagination of fashion photographers.

Factors to be kept in Mind

An image doesn’t become immortal just like that. There are several factors that contribute towards making a picture an image. If any of these factors go missing from the image, its timelessness is lost. The very first thing the photographer needs to ensure they have a fine rapport with the models. Only then can you say that your model is at ease with you, without which she can never strike the right pose. It is imperative for her to be at ease, to emote in the right manner. Secondly, the locale you chose for the shoot must complement the model as well as the product being endorsed.famous fashion photographers

It is not rare that a model is asked portray an emotion that has some relation with the product line he or she is endorsing. One can say that a twenty something girl might be asked to appear as a mother of one, endorsing energy drink. On the other hand, the same woman might need to be a sporty girl while she advertises a sport gear or something like that. Each of the emotions are to be customized keeping in mind the brand image of the product. A perfect shot would need the perfect emotion.

Team Work

The teamwork is paramount as far as it is about capturing the right image. Iconic images are created by the collective. It is the vision of the photographer that is materialized only by the hard work of the entire team. It is the product of efforts from the art director, the hair and makeup artists, the assistants, the clothing stylist etc.

Images speak if you can make them do so. However, the wrong image can be a big spoiler.

Guest Post – by Mary James

Author’s bio – Mary James is a professional writer for Wedding Jewelry and Wedding Anniversary Gifts. She has a vast experience in writing articles on fashion and beauty and related topics. In this article she writes about the new fashion trends for men and women.

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