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To Retouch or Not to Retouch

“But how I shoot, my lighting, my choice of camera and lens, that’s all my decision. Blame me if you think I should have retouched and retouched and retouched, but I think these women look beautiful just the way they are.”

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Ad Agency Guide To Photography Usage Terms

Posted by Jerry Avenaim under Photography Talk and Discussion (3 Responds)

With the current US copyright laws as they are applied now, artists own all rights to their created images and sell/transfer rights to agencies and their clients. All questionable negotiations have historically defaulted in favor of the artist. Technically, even minor modification of the art requires the artists’ permission. You are RENTING, not buying an image unless explicitly stated on the contract.

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A Photographers Portfolio

A photography portfolio is not simply a collection of a photographer’s best work, it’s also a presentation engineered to tell a story that has a beginning, middle, and end.

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