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Posted by Jerry Avenaim on January 2, 2010 – 11:20 am

Photographer Jerry Avenaim

Happy 2010 everyone. I hope you all had a safe and joyous holiday week. I’m not really into regurgitating a press release, but this is just too good to start off the new year!

I’ve been a Brightscreen® customer since the 1980’s – The product is unparalleled to anything of it’s kind. Most film photographers may have used them or are familiar with them, and some I’m sure had them installed on their Mamiya RZ 6×7 or Pentax 6×7 cameras like myself. These screens were and still are lifesavers by increasing your brightness level of up to 3 stops when looking through your cameras viewfinder, allowing greater clarity for much easier focusing.

Many might pose the question; why do I need that? I shoot digital… Well there are many reasons.

I know many photographers that shoot Canon or Nikon with manual focus Zeiss prime lenses, and that increased brightness in the viewfinder helps with pulling focus.

Ever heard me say “cropping is for farmers?” I like to look through my camera and compose my image when shooting it rather then cropping it later. (This will bring me into my next article – “The Art of Discipline in Photography”). This company makes focusing screens that you can swap in and out of your DSLR with “crop marks” for shooting 8×10 or 6×6 aspect ratio.

If you’re shooting an album cover in a square format, are you just guessing where the square crop will land? If you are shooting for a magazine, have you ever had the feet or top of your frame cut off because you weren’t leaving enough space for the 8×10 aspect ratio of the magazine? Well voila!

And by the way, I still shoot medium format film cameras with manual focus lenses and these bright screens allow me to focus!

Lastly, if you are a medium format film shooter and you put a digital back that is not full frame on your camera body, or the camera frame is larger than the sensor (RZ or Fuji et al), they make a bright screen with crop marks in the aspect ratio that matches your digital back to your camera!

So here is some the news from Jim Lakey – Founder of Brightscreen®.

Press Release Date: January 01, 2010

brightscreen for fashion photographers

Nondeteriorating Mirror Cushion™

“Brightscreen® Cleveland, Tennessee USA has announced a new recently patented product “Nondeteriorating Mirror Cushion™” which targets the elimination of the majority of in camera particles in the form of dust or black spots.

Brightscreen® also produces a patent pending product Dust Collector™ which has been installed in all cameras sold or serviced by Brightscreen® as a courtesy free of charge for the past five years. This product helps control and contain camera dust and particles.

An expanded variety of custom camera focusing screens, for most all entry level up to the highest end DSLR cameras, are available now with or without optional Crop Lines®.”

Happy shooting!

Jerry Avenaim

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  1. 1. Ricardo Said:

    Wow! I didn’t even know they made stuff like that and I am very thankful for information


    Jerry Avenaim Reply:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the new information Ricardo. These are really helpful!


  2. 2. Bernd Ruttkowski Said:

    That is very interesting. That gadget – as you mention – eliminates the guessworks in framing my pictures…
    Thank you for the post


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