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Color Management in Digital Photography

Tweet Since my transition into digital photography, I have always strived for a consistent workflow. Just as with film, all my images needed to have the same consistent look and feel to them. At first, this was quite challenging due to the limitations of the tools that were available to digital photographers, and at the […]

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Photographers United in Support of Haiti

Posted by Jerry Avenaim under Photography Talk and Discussion (1 Respond)

Professional photographers are offering a special edition fundraising magazine through the Magcloud print-on-demand service to benefit victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti.

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Photography with Intent

After the last two articles it came down to this – intent. Photography with intent was beautifully illuminated in “The 36 Exposures Challenge.” When I stumbled upon this, I thought, what a great idea!

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The Importance of Repeatable Photography

I can only imagine what it’s like now — going to Milan or Paris like we did back in the day and knocking on Vogue’s door. Can you imagine Franca Sozzani or Ariela Goggi saying back then, Send me your link and we’ll take a look. -Jeff Berlin

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Photography and the Art of Discipline

During this interview I surprised myself, realizing what I could have witnessed firsthand during my years in photography world. This decade has seen a great evolution in how we create photographs, most notably film vs. digital. Photographers state they are “going back to film” while others sing the praises of digital and what can be done in post production. At times I feel like I am straddling the 38th parallel in this debate because I am, and always will be, a double agent.

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A Better way to a Clear Picture!

“Brightscreen® Cleveland, Tennessee USA has announced a new recently patented product “Nondeteriorating Mirror Cushion™” which targets the elimination of the majority of in camera particles in the form of dust or black spots.

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