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Posted by Jerry Avenaim on December 7, 2009 – 11:42 pm
Fashion Photographer Jerry Avenaim

Fashion Photographer Jerry Avenaim

I was sitting around this evening having to resize enough photographs to make my head spin. One of my resolutions (pardon the pun) was to have my new web site done for 2010. That resolution was last year, think I procrastinate much? I’m sure my 2010 resolutions will include – not to procrastinate. 🙂

Well in about 48 hours a temporary new look to the site and maybe even the blog will be up. This is until the livebooks site is ready. When you come back, have a look at and let me know if you like it, if so, maybe I’l just resize the images and use the livebooks site on another one of my domains. See, it’s late and now I’m just rambling

Back to the point, while I was working away, I received an email about these photography schools, speakers lectures and technology et al. You name it I found it, a great resource for anyone looking for some tips and tricks, you can get them here. Except: Whether you want to get inspired to take photos or learn about the history of the field, there are loads of lectures out there that can let you sit back, watch, and expand your photography knowledge. Here are 50 such lectures that will help you learn about photography basics, famous photographers, photojournalism and much more to get your creative juices flowing and help you hone your craft.

Another great resource is the Profoto blog here. I was honored to have been asked to be the first ever entry in that Profoto blog in the form of a Podcast. You can find it on the link above and iTunes 🙂


Jerry Avenaim

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