Fashion Photography Workshop on Life in the Fab Lane

Posted by Jerry Avenaim on November 12, 2009 – 1:20 pm

Celebrity fashion photographer Jerry Avenaim gives Kimora Lee Simmons a crash course in high-end advertising fashion photography so she can shoot her men’s fall campaign Phat Premium. So, will she sink or swim?

Fashion is one of the most critiqued form of genres in photography, advertising is one of the most financially funded types of photography, when combined the weight of the world has been added to the photographers shoulders.  One would think the responsibility and repercussions of your work could not increase with this already potent combination, but that is exactly what happens when you are the first to photograph a new clothing line.

This was the situation for me when I was asked to photograph Kimora Lee Simmons for Phat Farm’s first ever advertising campaign.  Now over a decade later Phat Farm has called on me again, except this time Kimora will be wearing my shoes as the photographer. In addition to being a Model, a Mogul, and a Mom, Kimora was ready to take the weight on her shoulders and create and capture images for the brand new advertising campaign for Phat Premium.

The pressure of being the first photographer for a new clothing line is intense.  The photographs are laying the foundation of what will become the style and brand of that company for years to come.  My work on the first ad campaign with Phat Farm did exactly that reflecting the style and shape the future advertising campaigns, now it was Kimora’s turn to do the same for Phat Premium.

Enjoy the video, and I hope you get the message, it’s never to late to learn new skills!

Kimora had already expanded Phat Farm and today it’s clothing line to include Baby Phat, Phat Classics, and the Phat Premium clothing line she was going to photograph the launch of.  Having been in front of the lens Kimora knew what poses to do, and now being the photographer she knew exactky the images and style Phat Premium required.

The images shot at Griffith park had traces of the original Phat Farm campaign, however these had a refinement and style that was pure Kimora. Before my very eyes I could see how the images I had photographed years ago continue to shape and influence the current advertising campaign.  Working from the foundation laid down by the original Phat Farm advertisements, Kimora was able to incorporate the past into the future with her images for Phat Premium.

Have fun shooting and feel free to post any questions!

Jerry Avenaim

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  1. 1. Freddy Oropeza Said:

    Hi Jerry!
    Your work is awesome! I was curios as to where in Griffith park the Kimora photoshoot took place, it looks like an awesome location.


    Jerry Avenaim Reply:

    It’s a helicopter landing pad, tough to get a city permit to shoot there because it’s where the water droppers have to land if there is ever a brush fire in Griffith Park.


  2. 2. Larry Said:

    Hi Jerry,

    FYI, I clicked on the the video on The video has a problem. The audio was breaking up really badly and the video barely moved. Pleae let me know when it’s fixed as I would like to see & hear it.



    Jerry Avenaim Reply:


    If you are having any problems with the video it is due to your connection speed. Just turn HD off and the video will stream with no problem! Thanks!


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