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Posted by Jerry Avenaim on November 10, 2009 – 6:38 pm

Picture 3Fashion Photographer Jerry Avenaim has been a highly sought out teacher and speaker regularly within the photographic community at events such as Photo Imaging and Design Expo, Photo Marketing Association International (PMA) and Photo Plus Expo in New York since 2002. Jerry has inspired and guided a generation of photographers through his lectures to students at universities like Columbia College Chicago, Harrington College of Design, Santa Monica College, College of Southern Nevada and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Not restricted to just the classroom, Jerry has also led hands-on photographic workshops in diverse locations throughout the United States.

Taking the experience and knowledge of his years as a seasoned fashion, celebrity, advertising photographer, Jerry has been the featured on countless photo magazines. Not afraid to share his knowledge, he has authored many articles on his photography style and techniques.

Private Instruction: What better way to learn than one on one with photographer who has experience in all genre’s of photography? For all experience levels–this is the way to learn years of photography in one day. Limited in availability this unique experience can offer instruction with complete privacy and concentrated attention catered to your photographic aspirations.

With contacts from years of shooting Jerry will facilitate the models, hair and make-up, for your private instruction.  And as one affluent client offered, Jerry will fly to your exotic vacation spot, vacation home, or even your private location to help you learn how to shoot like a pro with your own family and even your own equipment or his professional camera gear!

Taking a Crash Course in what you want to learn and how!
A full day private workshop with Jerry Avenaim, one on one from concept to completion. Relax and take comfort in knowing this event is tailored to best fit your educational understanding.

Your day will include: To start the day you will learn lighting techniques that apply to portrait, advertising and fashion photography. You will learn how to direct a model and take control of YOUR shoot from styling the model (model and make up artist provided) to pushing the shutter.  Choose a day in the studio to learn strobe lighting  or a day outdoor to learn location lighting, or you can have BOTH by splitting your day in half. After the shooting time Jerry will personally teach you his digital workflow solutions for post production of your images. Before the end of your day you will have learned how to promote yourself, your imagery, and how to work with professional models and make-up artists.  The knowledge is not that only thing to leave with you as in your hand you shall have hi-res images on a DVD from your shoot, digitally enhanced, and were even reviewed by world renowned photography Jerry Avenaim. Learn how to get models from agencies, marketing yourself and business? Book your private photography workshop now by contacting Jerry Avenaim Studio!

To contact via telephone call 323-876-3374 or send an email to discuss your needs.


Jerry Avenaim

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  1. 1. JordynAshley Said:

    Hi there,
    I was just curious as to if you needed models for your workshops!! I work them frequently in the Dallas area and would love to work one for you!



    Jerry Avenaim Reply:

    Just email me some photos or send me a link of photos Jordyn!


  2. 2. Sabrina M Said:

    Jerry, you’re a wealth of information and an amazing photographer who knows how to work the subject in any given situation. This is a great opportunity for all those looking to take their photography to the next level, or even just starting out and wanting to start off right. Just wanted to post this so that others would know how professional and personable you truly are.

    An avid admirer of your work
    & someone who’s enjoyed learning from you,


    Jerry Avenaim Reply:

    Thank you Sabrina, I had great teachers in life… And there is nothing more rewarding to me than giving back to the craft that has given so much to me. And thank you again for coming to see my lecture at Photo Plus Expo this year. I hope you’ll come back!


  3. 3. Greg Said:

    Hey Jerry,
    As a young photographer I want to do the most artistic fashion styles & get paid well. What city is most best for this desire??.. New York or Milan, etc. It seems like there’s more artistic exceptance/awareness over in Europe! after all there’s a long history of art there!…


    Jerry Avenaim Reply:

    Well Greg, it used to be (when I started) one had to go to Milan, Paris, or London to build their portfolios of work in the fashion magazines only to come back to the United States to get real assignments. Today however, there are so many fashion magazines here and abroad that you can shoot and submit. As far as cities, New York is the fashion photographers mecca, while Los Angeles is more celebrity driven. In the beginning, I would choose a smaller city (Chicago, Phoenix et al) and work on MPD (Model Portfolio Development). This will help to serve both you and the model before you take the big next step. Best of luck, Jerry


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