Photo Plus Expo Wrap Up

Posted by Jerry Avenaim on November 2, 2009 – 6:54 pm

The Buzz
The big buzz was about digital video on DSLRs, and editing that video. I saw a number of vendors selling different mounts and stedicam-like brackets for getting smooth hand-held HD video from DSLRs, and everybody was talking video (which is weird for a photo tradeshow). Lightroom 3 was getting some buzz, but since Adobe wasn’t exhibiting, a lot of the buzz was “Where’s Adobe?” Nikon’s D3s and Canon’s 7D were both getting a lot of buzz, too. I saw lots of booths from companies offering: (a) online portfolios (b) printed photo and wedding books (c) printing on different mediums (metal, aluminum, etc).

The Attendance
I have no idea what the official attendance number was, but the show seemed very crowded the entire time, and the aisles were always busy. We had a NAPP booth at the show, and had one of our best shows in years, and every vendor I talked with seemed really upbeat and busy, and that’s a good thing.


Cool Stuff I Saw
JVC had a 3D television (you had to wear 3D glasses), that was really cool. I went byThink Tank Photo’s booth three times to try and finally meet someone from Think Tank in person, but it was so crazy in their booth, you couldn’t move. You’d think they were handing out $20 bills (that’s their booth above–photo by Rafael). was there with their photo business cards (where you can get up to 50 cards business cards, each with a different photo), and it seems like I’m the last one on earth to have heard about them, because everybody had cards already. Olympus had a pretty cool almost-point-and-shoot camera called the Pen that people were talking about. Nikon had a packed house for their Capture NX 2 theater, and their booth was a mob-scene morning til night. Nik Software had ‘em wall to wall checking out Viveza 2 (totally amazing) in their theater, and I saw quite a few microstock companies there as well.


Awesome Demos
Matt Kloskowski and I both did demos over at the Elinchrom booth (that’s Matt seen during his demo in the “taken with my iPhone” photo above). Jim Smelzer was pulling a huge crowd for three solid days for his lighting demos in the Westcott booth, and people were eating his stuff up (that’s Jim holding the softbox above).


Saw a great presentation from celebrity fashion photographer Jerry Avenaim at the Lexar booth. (Jerry Avenaim photographed at Lexar with iPhone effects seen above). Also, UK-based fashion photographer Mark Cleghorn was doing live lighting demos at the Lastolite booth and he had ‘em packed in. I just caught the end of a demo at the Asukabook booth, but they had a bride and groom in the booth, with a photographer giving posing tips, and what I saw was really interesting. Saw a great presentation from Tyler Stableford at the Canon booth, who had some incredible adventure sports photography and portraits, and I saw Douglas Kirkland doing a fashion lighting demo for Canon that was very interesting and entertaining. There were so many great presentations all over—I wish I had more time to check them out.

Thank you Scott Kelby for a great blog post, I wish I could have just done a “pingback”? But, I just heard about that one yesterday and can’t figure it out. (I should just stick to shooting pictures) Thanks again, you rock!

Jerry Avenaim

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    It is the second entry I read tonight. And I am on my third. Got to think which one is next. Thank you.


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    I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Jerry


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