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Posted by Jerry Avenaim on October 16, 2009 – 1:21 pm

polaroid-camera1Polaroid announced at a press conference in Hong Kong earlier this week that it will relaunch its instant cameras and film, with distribution expected in mid 2010. The announcement came largely in response to The Impossible Project, a group of Polaroid enthusiasts in the Netherlands that has been trying to recreate the magic of the film on a low budget and is now tasked with recreating it for Polaroid. As a fashion photographer this is music to my ears. I’ve been shooting 8X10 Polaroid for 20 years and miss the days. I do hope that Polaroid will reintroduce this product as well.

Rob Haggart at A Photo Editor pointed my friend Andy Patrick of livebooks to two impressive documentary videos seen here (or watch below) shot with the Canon 5D Mark II by Danfung Dennis and Yassine Ouhilal, respectively, Check out Rob’s behind-the-scene interview with Yazzy in particular. As a celebrity photographer, I myself have always had a love of cinema. These two masterpieces are opening brave new worlds everywhere.

Battle for Hearts and Minds Trailer from Danfung Dennis on Vimeo.


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