Glamour Lighting on Location

Posted by Jerry Avenaim on December 23, 2008 – 9:07 pm

Fashion photography is a tough game, as is advertising photography. Combine the two and it can prove to be a stress load if you’re not prepared for anything that can present itself. Then again, I feel that way about all my assignments.

I apologize to my readers for not having a chance to write at all in the month of December. I’ve been on full overload (not always a bad thing).

One of the last shoots of the year was for Deliverance Poker. A great client and an interesting series of shoot days in Las Vegas. The reason it was so different for me is it was neither fashion or celebrity. The hook in this advertising campaign, was to shoot it with a glamour edge. In the end, I made it work with my own personal style. And to the clients delight, we created a brand for the present and future image of Deliverance Poker.

I’ll be posting some hero images from the campaign and writing about how they were created next year. In the meantime, enjoy this behind the scenes video. The way I see it, it’s like this; the video is the journey and the photograph at the end is the destination.

When you see the journey, will you be able to figure out how I arrived to my destination? If not, fire away. I’m here for your questions!

I’d like to give special thanks to Iris Productions and Vincent Moreno for this video.

Wishing everyone a joyous and prosperous new year.

Jerry Avenaim

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  1. 1. Deb Said:

    No comments?? Where the hell is Vince? lol

    Awesome video. I love seeing the journey by which you came to the final image, which is just gorgeous! We see final images all the time, but rarely have any idea what the raw ingredients looked like before that point.


  2. 2. Louise Ratulowski Said:

    I have come to your site before. Classy boudoir photography. By the way you have a georgous site


  3. 3. Liz James Said:

    How are you achieving such high dynamic range in one exposure? I have only been able to get these photos by taking a series of photos adjusting my exposure value accordingly.


    Jerry Avenaim Reply:

    Liz, that is a simple plug in that I use after retouching is completed. It is the Nik software bleach bypass filter 🙂


    Liz James Reply:

    Great! That simple. Thank you I’m jumping on that now.


  4. 4. lou Said:

    The setting in the desert was perfect.
    The first girl was a good model and seemed more relaxed with the shoot than the 2nd model.
    Otherwise it was a great shoot!


  5. 5. Josie Said:

    Hiya! Your site is wonderful. really interesting.
    I was just wondering if you could talk me through the lighting setup you used.

    I’m trying to create a similar effect on the beach but as i’m only a student, don’t really have the means to get the pro lighting. Is there a way of creating a similar effect without all the pro lights?
    it really does look stunning.
    J x


  6. 6. vicky addy Said:

    Hi sir

    I am doing my first indoor portfolio shoot wit a deginer nd two of my models, both are working first time. Its making me real nerves. Most important that I have no idea about studio light and this is a gothic look shoot. Makeup artist and deginer both are my frnds but professionals. What I shuld do about this lighting stuff? Shuld I use polarado filters to control the lights on models face and give the light a smooth flow. Or shuld I I use light miter? Do I dnt have budget for that.


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