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Posted by Jerry Avenaim on November 12, 2008 – 10:07 am

If you have a photography, lighting or even business related question or suggestion for an article, please post it here, and I will either give you the the answer as best as I can. Or, I’ll put it in the queue for an article 🙂

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Jerry Avenaim

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  1. 1. Sing Lo Said:

    hi jerry, thank you for your wonderful blog. I followed your previous behind the scene blog before. One of your lighting technique always fascinates me is the use of a flag placed directly in front of the beauty dish and the dish is very close and nearly above the model face. So the model is illuminated by the feather edge of the light.
    I tried this a long time ago on a model and all I could see the effect is that the light falls off rapidly from the face to the shoulder. So it creates a dramatic low key feel if the face if lit and the rest of the body is dark. If I move the flag lower, it darkens the hair and top of the front head. The other benefit is that there is no stray light from the dish to the background. Other than these, I cannot see any other benefits. I wonder if you can explain this technique a bit more.
    Sing Lo


  2. 2. Frank Said:

    I am wondering about approaching potential clients (magazines and such) with a portfolio in order to obtain work. I shoot a lot of things, but enjoy shooting people most of all. I have several images on my flickr account, as well as my blog that I would love to use. The reason I have them on such sites is that they are not for sale and are used purely for editorial purposes. What happens if I chose to include some of these portraits in my portfolio? Does that constitute commercial use? Would I need to obtain model releases for each person pictrured? If so, I will basically have to start over from scratch; I have models releases for some, for others I do not. Thanks for your willingness to provide answers here.


  3. 3. Carroll Bradshaw Said:


    Thanks for taking the time to post this helpful information on your blog!

    Question, How do you go about lighting celebrities for maternity images?


  4. 4. Jay Connor Said:


    Just visited your blog from the Fred Miranda posting

    Its terrific

    If you could put together an article on “Headshots: How to Take” that would be fantastic. Looking for as much detail on lighting + setups as youre willing to spare



  5. 5. Jeffrey Said:

    Hey, Jerry quick question. What is the most used Lens you have? or Can you tell us what Lenses you mostly carry with you?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas – Jeff


  6. 6. Chloe White Said:

    I’ve just recently discovered that I want to persue a career in photography. Can you give me some tips on how to get started? I’m only a freshman in high school, but I’m not sure what to do in order to ensure success. What can I do now to help me succeed in the future? Thanks for your time! -Chloe


  7. 7. Ken Said:

    Jerry – Thanks for all the helpful info. Can you mention what you use for your digital post processing?



  8. 8. RANDY HELLER Said:

    I must say that I to have always believed in collaborating and reaching out to individuals in my field. Embrace them, share ideas with them, trouble shoot with them. We can only grow from reaching out to our fellow peers and never look at them as competition, because they are not. Short minded individuals will never be able to aspire to whom they want to become…but enough of that. My question to you is who was the first gal you ever photographed?? How old were you?? :0)


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